Functional. Expressive. Regional. Minimal.

Our Studio is founded on these core principals but let’s be honest, these are just words.

When most people look at a building they see a place to call home, a place to do business, a place to worship. Buildings create gathering places, they protect us from the elements. For most people, it is these simple characteristics and functions, not design, that create value for the buildings they travel by and through each and every day.

It is our hope to transform users ‘value’ of buildings from that of pure use and function into something that touches and inspires them and makes that ‘use’ more memorable. More meaningful. Minimalism, Expressionism, Regionalism, and Functionalism are the tools we use to get there.

Through this blog, we intend to open the Studio up to the exploration of these ideas as they relate to our design and to demonstrate how these are more than just words. It is our desire to share with our clients and our colleagues the reasons behind our work, the tools that inspire us, the designers that are showing us something new, the technology that allows us to create smarter and more beautiful homes. It will be a showcase for our work as well and an outlet for the Studio and its designers to add to this already vast, lively, and inspiring conversation happening around all aspects of design.

Welcome to Oculus.