[spacer height=”20px”]Every few days in the Studio, a design concept or new technology will pop up on the radar of one designer and quickly go viral. Last week it was the CoeLux lighting system. Put simply, it’s a lighting system that uses nano technology to mimic sunlight and atmosphere where none exists. The benefits for spaces like museums, hospitals, and beyond is undeniable. Currently, the technology costs around $61K with an additional $7500 in installation. A price point that will likely have to come down before we start seeing it in use in everyday spaces.

After this technology made the rounds, another designer pointed out a different type of lighting technology. A significantly more modest technology.

Liter of Light is one of 10 Finalists in the 2014-2015 World Habitat Awards. With a plastic bottle and a few household items, families in the Philippines with little or no electricity can now safely produce light in their homes. The benefits that these families will experience are immediate and impactful.

From the luxuries to the necessities, it is remarkable the number of directions that creativity and ingenuity can take us.