Webber + Studio recently hired 6 new designers and we’ll be profiling them here and there over the next few months.

Studio Insight: Ayesha Erkin - Architects in Austin

[spacer height=”20px”] When did you know you wanted to be an architect?

The decision to be an architect stemmed from my interest in several subjects. As a kid, I wanted to be a chef or a scientist. Then my interest shifted to Art. Essentially, I realized what drew me to these subjects was the act of creating. I enjoy seeing how things are made and the process of start to finish. Ultimately, my interest in Architecture triumphed over the other subjects due to the harmonious balance of logic and creativity.

What is your favorite part about being an architect?

The feeling that I’ve grown as a person by learning about history and engineering and so many other fields through architecture. We are teachers and students. I get to see the world and travel, meet people with similar interests and share knowledge across borders. Architecture is so incredibly diverse; it is never static and there is a constant drive to learn more through it. Architecture has also expanded my interest in so many other fields. For instance, psychology and anthropology. I’ve learned to study how people interact with space, how different cultures live, and it all relates back to Architecture. I just love everything about it.

What Studio project are you most interested in?

Laurelwood. I started on this project from the ground floor up by doing the first charrette. It’s been great uncovering the challenges of the site and the existing house and finding solutions as I move forward. That’s difficult to do on projects that I’ve just jumped into mid-stream. It’s harder to understand the design choices without knowing the challenges behind them.

You interned at Kenny & Khan in New York, what differences from that experience have you encountered at Webber + Studio?

I really enjoyed doing the design charrette for Laurelwood. I have several friends in architecture working at firms who haven’t touched design as yet. It was a nice surprise to get to design in the beginning of my first month here. We’re not treated like “interns” and just given the boring work. We’re given ownership of our projects. I also really love the mentor/student dynamic. Rick (Hamer) is my mentor in the office and it’s been a great experience. The level of detail applied to the projects is helping me increase my knowledge of drawing to built at a rapid pace. It really makes a difference when you know how a building actually gets built and then seeing how it goes together. I have learned so much I wonder why I even went to school. I should have just started working at an architect’s office! Just kidding, school is important and fun!

You moved to Texas from Fayetteville, AR six weeks ago and from San Marcos to Austin two weeks ago. What is your favorite thing about Austin so far?

I haven’t been here long enough to see too much of the city but eating is my favorite thing and the place I’ve gone a lot is Lick Ice Cream. I can’t help it. Zilker Park is pretty great too, but I just love ice cream.