PROPERTY: Private Residence


SIZE: 1,700SF

PROJECT: Private Residence

AWARDS: AIA Homes Tour 2016

The Barcode House sits on a small lot shaded by a pair of majestic Live Oak trees in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood of Austin, TX. The canopy wraps the home in a verdant hug, keeping it cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. Now an integral feature, this pair once posed a significant problem: their root zone made the lot ostensibly unbuildable.

Rather than shy away from this formidable challenge, the architects and homeowners drew inspiration from it, designing the buildable area to accommodate a pair of volumes connected by a spacial isthmus creating a barbell shaped footprint.

Inside, a pair of glazed corners provide views of corresponding outdoor zones, visually connecting the public front and the private back. Carefully selected details reflect the owners’ personalities: plywood walls and stained concrete floors represent her hard-working earthiness and a resourceful barcode exterior siding pattern echos his scrappy entrepreneurialism.

Columbus St. Residence was featured in Metropolis Magazine, a national monthly magazine about architecture and design, with a focus on sustainability.