PROPERTY: Private Residence


SIZE: 2825SF

PROJECT: Clearview Remodel Addition

LOCATED: Austin/Tarrytown

Behind the radiant aluminum-clad exterior of this home lies a bright and comfortable space that adroitly satisfies the homeowner’s desire to marry three key agendas: openness, functionality and accessibility.

Besides being low-maintenance, the exterior raw aluminum skin is solar-abating and its rainscreen installation further augments energy efficiency. The siding neatly preserves the integrity of the original home’s massing.

Inside, floor-to-ceiling glass spanning the length of the back wall allows light to flood the main living areas, visually integrating interior and exterior spaces while no-threshold transitions physically integrate them across one expansive level.

A small rear yard garden tucked behind the pool is echoed by a bonus upstairs guest terrace. that makes use of space gained between rooflines. Both demonstrate the owner’s commitment to a high level of usability on this small inner city lot.