Let’s talk trees. Specifically, the ubiquitous live oak trees that line many Austin streets, wrapping our homes in verdant hugs and keeping them cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. They’re big and beautiful and they are often at the root (pun intended) of our initial conversations with clients. Critical root zones, canopy lines, and water considerations can pose formidable challenges in terms of site development. Rather than shy away from this, we encourage our designers to draw inspiration from it. We firmly believe that where once was a problem may now exist an opportunity.

This was certainly true in the case of our Barcode House, featured this month in Metropolis magazine. A trio of majestic live oaks and their critical root zones made this lot ostensibly unbuildable. Emboldened by the unique challenge this presented, we set about to reimagine the buildable area through the clever connection of two volumes into a barbell-shaped footprint. The final product illustrates the fact that maximizing the capacity and creative potential of a site and protecting its natural integrity do not have to be mutually exclusive. 

Read more about the Barcode House here.