You may remember our firm’s Ten Areas of Mastery from previous newsletters: this set of guiding principles informs just about everything we do here at Webber + Studio, from performance reviews to training exercises to project execution. Each area of mastery focuses on a specific skill or set of skills that we believe are key to a successful career in architecture and superior project execution.

The first of the Ten Areas of Mastery is, perhaps obviously, Mastery of Architecture. In order to master this skill, our team focuses on fully integrating architectural thinking, comprehension, and detailing into their practice. At the heart of this concept is the philosophy that architects must learn to speak the language of architecture and respond to the particular challenges, needs, and goals of our clients in a way that balances function, form, and meaning. To be able to blend service with science and poetry with process ensures that the final product will fully embody the spirit of the client and, most importantly, enrich the lives of those who occupy the space.

In the next installment of the newsletter, we’ll take a peek behind the curtain and show you how we apply this philosophy in our day-to-day work. Stay tuned.