Embarking on an architectural journey is exciting. By the time clients reach our office, they are brimming with ideas, hopes, and dreams, and eager to dive right in to the possibilities. They are very rarely excited to talk about logistics. Nonetheless, this is where we typically kick off our relationship, and for good reason. 

This step isn’t exactly glamorous, but it is important in that it provides us with our first opportunity to reassure clients that we take our process seriously. Our rigorous adherence to it is how we unburden clients of the more mundane elements of the architectural experience and, in doing so, we all become the beneficiaries of increased creative breathing room to imagine a design that reflects their values.

And then, we listen. 

We listen to our clients in order to better understand their goals. We listen to the site to understand its foundation, history, and potential. We listen to the sun to determine the best layout for harnessing energy and capturing early morning and warm afternoon light. We listen to the wind to establish protective barriers. We listen to the trees to create verdant, tranquil spaces for outdoor gatherings. We listen to the community to foster meaningful connections amongst neighbors. 

Before we are designers, we are directors, explorers, investigators, and detectives. Only once we have gathered as much data as possible do we endeavor to design a physical expression of this information, to capture our clients’ imagination.