Designing for Our Future - Studio Architects in Austin, Texas

We believe good architecture is considerate architecture. We know that each project we touch comes with a unique set of parameters that inspire design and ultimately force meaningful consideration of the aspects they ostensibly constrain. Considerate design doesn’t merely attempt to fit a square peg into a round hole; considerate design respects the humanity of a building and treats it as a living, breathing organism replete with its own history, deserving of recognition. 

To wit, our Toyath project: recently featured on, this seasoned cottage in the historic Clarksville neighborhood was built by a freed slave in the early 1900s and served its residents well for over a century before finding its way to us. Beleaguered by a host of structural, size, and stylistic issues (as you might expect you would be too if you were over 100 years old), the project presented a familiar, yet often abandoned, architectural challenge: how to revitalize not replace, save not scrap, how to introduce modern updates while preserving the home’s rich history. 

In a time and place where convenient, quick design is both pragmatic and profitable, we relish projects like Toyath that afford us the opportunity to demonstrate the beauty and benefit in the slow, sustainable maintenance of our town’s historical buildings. 

We hope you’ll take the time to read more about Toyath on Dwell here.