Designing a Team - Webber + Studio

If you’ve been keeping up with our previous newsletters, you know that our belief in doggedly pursuing fine-tuned designs that eschew conventionality is echoed in our studio’s mission to achieve unique outcomes by way of a consistent process. This focus is baked in to each and every deliverable and ingrained in our studio’s culture, informing our approach to everything from design decisions to office policies to staff performance reviews.

We know that a successful design process marries raw technical prowess with superlative service and effective management. We believe the same is true of successful people, which is why we’ve developed a unique set of guiding principles, our Ten Areas of Mastery, to shepherd our staff as they hone their professional skills. These ten guidelines run the gamut from mastery of technical tools to creative problem solving to knowing how to be a supportive team member. As strict as we are in our adherence to our architecture process, so too are our staff in their relentless efforts to master each of the attributes on this list as they endeavor to design the paramount project: the best version of themselves. In the end, this makes for a better work environment for our team, enhanced professional opportunities for our staff, and a superior end product for our clients. 

It takes gumption and drive to focus this intensely on quality and outcome, but in the words of Frank Gehry, “if you’re relentless, you can make the fly that stops the train.”


Image above is of our Butterfly Forest, currently on exhibit as part of Fortlandia at The Wildflower Center. More information and tickets available here.