Westwood Country Club Marina - Webber + Studio

In the heart of West Austin, hugged by our beloved Lake Austin, The Westwood Country Club is as much a part of the landscape as the historic live oak canopy beneath which it sits. When Webber + Studio was hired to revitalize the club’s aging marina, we set out to reimagine the space with interconnected, meandering pathways that connect functional, natural, and community spaces. 

Haphazard, inefficient wooden walkways and a series of cramped boat slips unable to meet 21st-century demands were replaced with solid, accessible paths and a docking area that can comfortably accommodate 50 boats. Connecting the two spaces is a modern, multi-use event space-cum-observation deck that ushers docking boats into the slips below. 

Westwood Country Club Marina - Architects in Austin

David Webber, Principal at Webber + Studio, describes the project as a version of the popular mystery basket challenges on TV cooking shows: “We were given a set of specific ingredients that had to be incorporated into the design of the Westwood Country Club Marina.” Proprietary decking materials, pre-made boat lockers, and an existing fence system were folded in to satisfy both architectural goals and client specifications.

Westwood Country Club Marina - Architects in Texas

Accessible walkways allow easy access to the boat slips and event space. Impervious cover limitations, accessibility and fire egress requirements, and a restricted allowable footprint posed formidable challenges for the architects. 

Westwood Country Club Marina - Webber + Studio

Translucent paneling and a slatted iron railing allow diffused light to pour in from the elevated walkways onto the boat slips below.

Westwood Country Club Marina - Webber + Studio

Emergency green pillars serve double duty as entrance markers and a fresh sculptural element to an otherwise utilitarian space.

Design Deep Dive - Webber + Studio

Existing natural stone cliffs required a bit of creative adaptation: walkways were designed to hug the landscaping, blending the site’s natural beauty with its users’ needs. 

Westwood Country Club Marina - Studio Architects in Texas

Inbound boats pass beneath the elevated event space, where passersby can take advantage of the marina’s unobstructed Lake Austin views.