Several Webber + Studio Designers are volunteering as part of the AIA Austin 2015 Architecture in Schools program. They are teaching Govalle Elementary School 3rd graders about the role of Architecture in their environment over the next 8 weeks. The end goal is for each student to design their very own Dream House as a component in a neighborhood.

Week 2
Building on the previous lesson about scale, Designers Mari Russ and Jackelinne Su taught the kids about property lines, easements, setbacks, roads, and other features about site.They also taught them how to measure the boundary of their site and how to label the plans for their Dream Houses. Then they were turned loose to render those plans VERY creatively. The kids added things like play-sets, a treehouse, and very practically, a wood shed.

[spacer height=”20px”]Week 3

This week was about transportation and how that will affect the Dream House site.  Studio Designers Mari Russ and Ayesha Erkin talked to the kids about pedestrians, bicyclists, personal cars and public transportation like the bus and light rail.  They also taught the kids how to place these transportation items on the site. They were most excited about adding lots and lots of cars to their driveways! Anticipation is building for these Dream Houses!