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Several Webber + Studio Designers are volunteering as part of the AIA Austin 2015 Architecture in Schools program. They are teaching Govalle Elementary School 3rd graders about the role of Architecture in their environment over the next 8 weeks. The end goal is for each student to design their very own Dream House as a component in a neighborhood.

Week 5

Without a roof, the house goes poof! This week our kids focused on cutting out, coloring and putting together the roof of their dream house the assembled last week.

Not only did they learn about the importance of roofs but were also taught about where water comes from and goes, which also is a huge factor when designing a house. With that being said, they had to cut out and place sewer and water lines on their sites as well. Only 3 weeks to go, the anticipation to see everyones finished products is building up! ESPECIALLY from us!

[spacer height="20px"]Jackelinne Su, Webber + Studio Designer