[spacer height=”20px”]So here we are, halfway through the semester. Who would’ve thought teaching 3rd graders about architecture could be so fun?! Nothing like watching them scribble all over their site plans with raging post-lunch, sugar-high energy. This week, Designer Ayesha Erkin and I returned to teach together since week one (huge deal- first day squad) and it went GREAT. We taught them about facades and if you can’t see it in their work, they were EXCITED. We only got 6 minutes into the Powerpoint presentation before they were ready to dive in. They cut out windows, put this “facade” lesson to work and FINALLY fashioned their houses together. They’ve been asking about this moment since the first day of class! From the minimalist who said: “I’ll only use one color for the whole house and one window”, to the detail oriented: “I’ll add a vegetable garden, a pond, treehouse, and perfectly execute the structure using every color”, we saw their personalities shine through. Getting to see their process while working with this group of kids is my highlight every week. This Friday they’ll be working on the roof of their house (almost done, yay!)





Jackelinne Su, Webber + Studio Designer