Several Webber + Studio Designers are volunteering as part of the AIA Austin 2015 Architecture in Schools program. They are teaching Govalle Elementary School 3rd graders about the role of Architecture in their environment over the next 8 weeks. The end goal is for each student to design their very own Dream House as a component in a neighborhood.

Each week they teach the kids a different lesson followed by a hands on activity. Last week Designers Ayesha Erkin and Jackelinne Su taught the kids about what it is that architects actually DO. After the kids woke up (JUST KIDDING! Architects are neat!) they taught them about the types of tools that architects use and about scale and ratios. The kids and the Designers had a great time and we have an office fridge full of 3rd grader art work to prove it!

This week, Designers Mari Russ and Alexer Taganas are going to teach the kids about neighborhood and site so that they will understand how their Dream House fits into the larger context of the project site and how objects on the site can inform decisions about the placement of buildings and site components. See? Super neat!

We’ll continue to follow along, as these tiny future architects are sure to teach the Designers a thing or two along the way!